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The model refers to something that has been developed to explain or demonstrate the significant elements of matter to understand more easily and enabling the observer to understand the behavior of real systems more easily compared to study directly from the real system.

Currently, the results from model calculation of Mae Moh power plant, Bang Pakong power plants, Krabi Power Plant Project and their shipping route for coal delivery, Thepha Power Plant Project and their shipping route for coal delivery are now ready to use. However, EGAT's continued our commitment to develop more forecasting model to other EGAT’s location. EGAT still not only focus on our routine but also, we are ready to move forward with a focus on community and environmental consciousness to the delight of Thai people thoroughly and evenly.

At present, although the computer has better and better performance in processing data, but there are several problems that computers cannot solve those processing problems as needed. The general computer is often found the limitation. As a consequence, the development of high performance computing has been initiated to solve those problems. High performance computing system is capable of that processing that called "Parallel Processing" which makes it possible to solve this massive data problem.

Results from the model need to be assessing for precision by the process called “model evaluation”. The method was generally process by run the model backward and compared the model results with the observing data from EGAT’s monitoring stations. If the result is accurate, it can simple represent the future and able to predict an events in advance. However, if the result is different from the actual observation, it is necessary to adjust the various meteorological inputs for more accurate outcome. The results of the performance evaluation, EGAT’s meteorological forecasting system is in a satisfactory level and exceptionally reliable.

The model that Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) used for meteorological forecast is "mathematical model". It practically uses the form of mathematical equations to describe the behavior and relationships between components inside a system and also describe the behavior of the dynamic systems. The computer calculates over time in various situations. If the results come close to the actual observational data, the model can be used to predict changes in the future.

Three-Dimensional meteorological modeling system named "Regional Atmospheric Modeling System - RAMS" is one of the most powerful mathematical models in the world with regards to meteorological stand point. It was developed by Colorado State University and provided a forecasting model for wind and meteorological data with high accuracy and reliability.

Parallel Processing can simply explain by this example: Let's say you own a home building contractor company which employs 10 workers those can build one home in a month. If one big real estate company is interested to hire your company to build a 100 homes under the condition that you need to build all 100 within one month, will you solve this problem???

Of course... you have to hired more workers. In this case, you have to hire 100 times of your standard employee, which is 1000 workers, and instruct 10 workers who build each home. This is more or less the same principle that “Parallel Processing” using to solve work load issue.

Planetary Boundary Layer - PBL means the atmosphere adjacent to the earth's surface, which is above the Earth's surface up to about 2-3 kilometers in the atmosphere is the case, the motion of the mass transfer, mass transfer momentum. Influenced by the Earth's surface. The phenomenon mentioned above Causing turbulence within the atmosphere than the atmosphere at a level that high. The atmosphere, the surface will change over time due to the properties of the surface, such as the dehydration of the plant. The use of surface changes, etc., and meteorological features such as high temperature, air pressure, and so on.